IGMC boys’ hostel road

Sunday, January 9, 2022
8:35 AM

IGMC Boys’ Hostel Road

With the can of ‘Calsburg’ in left hand and the cigarette in other, simultaneously inhaling the puff of ‘Marlboro’ followed by quaff of beer on IGMC hostel road, he moved slowly and clumsily, reducing the distance of his destination. The desolated road with the last street light that was in its blinking mood, the clinking of crickets and dry whispers of the chilly breeze ploughed the ensued eerie silence. The silhouette of the trees, Deodar and Rhododendron, was obscuring in the moonless night. The reminiscence of ‘Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills’ and recollecting a haunted story about IGMC road, he had heard freshly, brought the chills in spine. He smoked heavily and gulped a large amount of beer to curb the developing trepidation. He could easily appreciate heart’s quick and sturdy beats and to swerve away from the circumstances, he gave an unsuccessful attempt to rekindle his dead phone.

His steps moved quicker than his so called inebriated brain and he crossed the blinking street light with a pace. Still he needed to cover about half a mile. Suddenly, he found his steps had slowed down despite all his vigor, as if they were grabbed by someone. He peered at them only to find them free without any grasp. The streaks of sweat trickeled down from his forehead on the frosty night of mid January, wetting his face. The can of beer was empty and he was now only left with a cigarette and a matchstick!

He tossed himself forward for few feet and ensconced on the concrete bench along the roadside. He carefully lit up the matchstick and before he could light up the cigarette, a sudden zephyr quenched it.

‘What the….’ He shrieked.

He was about to leave the spot when someone sitting beside him offered him a fully loaded matchbox. He stood riveted in fear. ‘I was alone here all the times. Then who is…?’ He said to himself. He slowly looked at the person.

She was sitting beside him draped with old-fashioned white dress, as worn by British Women in 19th century, over her deteriorated body with unkept hair waving along the breeze. Her wrinkled pale face with the twinkling bluish eyes glared in the darkness. He was perplexed to notice such bizarre aurora all over her body in midst of dark night that was scientifically impossible. She smiled wittily and quivered her feet making sure the sounds of anklets were easily audible. His eyes shifted from her face to her feet and got froze. Her feet were backwards! She laughed eerily as she looked up in the sky and then suddenly stared at him. ‘You are not alone here!!!’, she said in her hoarse voice that shivered him further. Her eyes riveted on his scared ones, staring him hard.

‘You are not alone here’, kept on resonating in his ears and her face whirling around his eyes, he fainted on the spot.

Emergency Room ( Part 2)

We weren’t talking today…! I was trying to avoid the further turmoil that had already created ruckus in my heart! I would stop doing what I had been doing since last three days, I decided.
Perhaps I was bit disappointed with my actions that I had done two days back! Perhaps I should’ve expressed my feelings and expected the similar response in return. Dejected with myself and probably with those things that I shouldn’t have done, I tried to concentrate on my work in the ‘Trauma Ward’ that was flooded with patients. I was asked by my senior to help him with the dressing procedure of traumatised patients. Within a short span of time we had to do dressings of half a dozen patients.

Albeit being busy with my work, I couldn’t stop my eyes peering at her. She was silently doing her work, injecting the antibiotics into the deltoid muscle of left shoulder of recently victimised patient. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t look around. Not even at me!

‘Akash, speed up. We have a long list of patients.’ My senior Dr Varun, Junior Resident I of Department of Orthopaedics IGMC, asked me, bringing my lost yet riveted eyes back to patient with open fracture of shaft of tibia. Like the fractured bone of that patient, my heart had been fractured into umpteen pieces and there wasn’t any surgery that could align the broken pieces of my shattered heart together.

She left the ward silently after finishing her task and all I could do was to heal the wounds of the patient, leaving behind my heart in the trauma ward – wounded, tattered and traumatised!

Emergency Room (Part 1)

‘Nurse Kriti, are you free?’ I asked her when she was managing the patients in the emergency department that was resonating with chaos. There was a mass causality as the wrecked private bus had plunged into gorge from the poorly maintained road in the nearby town. The pity passengers that included the few unfortunate labourers and dwellers of nearby village.
‘Just give me two minutes.’ She replied with subtle smile as she inserted the cannula into the constricting veins, perpetually vanishing around the  left cubital fossa of an old Nepalese man whose right arm was smeared with his dried blood.
‘All right. Till then I’ll finish with rest of work.’ I said as I took the female patient into the procedure  room.  I wore the surgical gloves and began inspecting her wounds. Today, the emergency department was flooded with the patients and their attendants. Although, the department had an effective team of doctors and nurses, but still it was going to take  an enormous effort to tackle this situation.
‘Yes doctor!’ She said as she entered the procedure room. She greeted with a smile that glorified the innocence draped on her beautiful face.
‘Gauge please.’ I requested. She grabbed the gauge pieces with forceps and put them in my hands.

‘Is it enough?’ she peered at me and our eyes met again.
‘Yes.’ I nodded and began with the procedure of cleaning the wounds. The old female patient  was writhing in pain like others in the causality ward. Like the writhing heart of a broken soul!
‘Please pour a little ‘Normal Saline’ over the wound here nurse.’ As I asked her, she gently poured it over open wound. I noticed her slender yet beautiful fair hands. They were smeared with the recently dabbed ‘mehandi’.  Dorsal part of her hands were adorned with  fine veins.
‘It’s really going to take few more minutes to curb this calamity.’ She said. After all, those kinds of dreaded accidents around Shimla had consumed poor souls in past.  ‘But you’ll manage it effectively.’ She added, as she poured betadine  on the gauge piece that I was holding in my right hand.
‘We will.’ I smiled back. Her face glowed with a mystic enigma and eased out the certain amount of gradually increasing tension building up in the hospital.
It was the most precious moment for us, for the patients, and to treat around dozen patients in small time, it seemed a bit hectic. But she looked calm, trying to curb the growing anxiety. I was doing the same too!
Within next hour, we treated the rest of patients. She maintained her composed demeanour with a beautiful smiled etched on her face evincing her pearly white teeth. A proud satisfaction of contribution towards humanity!
‘Chlo, this task is accomplished. Let’s check the patient in the causality ward.’ I said. We scurried towards the ward. Like the forging of wounds, we found the certain bonds forging amid us.

Anonymous love ( Final part)


‘Does she know about it?’ My friend asked while sipping the coffee at  our college canteen during break. He was peering at me, waiting  for the answer of the question he had asked whilst my eyes were riveted at her. She was enjoying the coffee too with her group on nearby table.
‘Are you listening to me or not?’ He asked a bit louder in a peevish tone.
‘No’, I replied slowly still my eyes focused on her. ‘Does it really matter if she should know about my feelings for her?’ I asked him as I asided my gaze from her.
‘Yes! It does.’ He replied immediately, to which I peered at him in response. ‘Why can’t you understand this simple thing?’ He said as he brought his chair close to mine and softly clutched my left shoulder with his right hand. ‘She is our senior. You know that.’ He added.

I looked at her again.  She was smiling whilst the other girls were guffawing when someone in their group had cracked a joke. How beautiful she was looking when her front incisors added an additional charm  to  her appealing face. The strand of hair that was constantly falling on her face and she was placing it behind her left ear, naively.
‘So what?’ I asked him in a mystified manner.
‘ It means you won’t ever get her even if you try  your best.’ He said after gulping the last sip of his coffee from the porcelain cup. I didn’t say anything and remained quite because I knew whatever he was saying was logically correct. I had never thought I would be falling in love and that too with my senior!
‘You can finish your coffee slowly. I have to go to library to complete my pending file.’ He stood from his seat and picked up his sling bag. ‘Well, till beginning of next class in half an hour you can utilize the remaining time very well here.’ He winked and posted a witty smile as he pointed towards her. I smirked in response.

She was now sitting quietly, busy with her phone while the others were busy in normal gossiping.  Her slender index finger was scrawling on the phone’s screen, perhaps playing candycrush. ‘You won’t ever get her.’ These words that were just spoken by him  were resonating in my mind. Does love means to get  the person you yearn for? I asked myself. I love her, that is what my heart has been saying since the last nine months. When I  had fallen in love with her for the first time, I knew she was my senior and was well awared about the fact that I wouldn’t  ever get her.

I finished my coffee while conjuring up that  first week of my one sided love story  when she was sitting on the very same table. Like today she had preferred to remain quite amid the other girls  of her  group.  Sometimes she used to smile with  intermittent glance of coyness over her face. No doubt, she haven’t changed a bit since then.
‘How could you fall in love with her despite of knowing all the odds?’ My friend had asked me a few weeks before. I couldn’t reply. Probably I didn’t want to reply though I had  an answer.
‘I love her because I feel special and contented to have the true feelings for such an angel. I love her because I want to see that magical smile on her face forever and I will be obliged if I am the reason for her happiness. I love her because I forget my worries and pain when I get a slightest glance of her. It hardly matter wherever she is or with whom she is, the best part of love is you decide yourself to dedicate your life to her without expecting anything in return.’  It was the answer that is still buried underneath the every beat of my heart and is still unveiled.

Sometimes it become difficult to segregate it from the motherly love. Simple  and yet pure!’

Anonymous Love (Part 5)


‘You must forget her. You won’t be having any future with her. Trust me.’ One of her friend said when I told her about her.
‘I don’t care about future, but I will keep loving her forever.’ I replied. We were sitting in balcony outside cafeteria, discussing my one sided love story.
‘Well, I can’t ask you to change your feelings but being a good friend, I warn you. You will hurt yourself. Sooner you realise, it will be better for you.’ She advised cautiously.
I smirked in response. ‘Let it be going in the same way.’ I said.
I knew she was right and every word she spoke about her was based on her experience with her. The girl with semi-framed glasses whom I loved was far different from any ordinary girl and it was rather impossible to persuade her. However, even the word impossible says, I’m possible. So I didn’t step back nor I could dare to do so. I couldn’t dare to give up. I wanted to struggle; to endure the consequences of love and to face the extremities that were far beyond my limits. I could not fathom the profoundness of my love for her, but it was the lone source that inspired me and offered overwhelming strength to go for it though it seemed illogically insane.
Perhaps that’s the power of love.

Anonymous love (Part 4)

Who’s that girl about whom you keep posting on facebook?’ One of my friend asked. I was sitting in cafeteria, enjoying the morning tea just before clinics when he scurried and sat on the next chair (It has been a month since I started writing short stories about that girl under the title “The anonymous girl ” on my Facebook account.)
‘There isn’t any girl. It is merely an imagination thriving in your mind.’ I replied while quickly sipping the terrible tea creating a slurring noise.
‘It can’t be.’ He grinned and looked at me straightaway anticipating simple and straight answer.
‘And why do you think so?’ I asked him peevishly. After all, he was the twelfth person asking the same question since morning.
‘Because the way you describe her seems as if you know her very well. And the way you portray her; simply yet significantly. ‘ He replied. ‘You’re  profoundly smitten with her  and it  keeps you  snooping her all day around.’ He added.

I smirked on his words in response. Albeit he had discerned everything correctly but I didn’t want to unbosom anything. I wanted to keep everything lurked and anonymous. He sat closer to me and clutched my shoulder softly.
‘You can tell me. I will keep it confidential. I swear.’ He said and kept his loosened right fist on his Adam’s Apple.
I didn’t say anything. I swerved my head in opposite direction. She was there ensconced on the corner table enjoying pasta all alone in solitude.

Anonymous love (Part 3)


She was sitting in balcony adjacent to the cafeteria, when others were in cafeteria enjoying the meal during break. The cacophony that included both guffaws and the murmur was significantly audible even outside. After all, the lunch break was the best possible time for relaxation after clinics.
I had just returned from the surgery clinics and was heading towards the cafeteria to pacify my hunger with pasta when I noticed her, alone. With the earphone plugged in, she was savouring the music amidst her own thoughts.

‘Hi.’ I said and stood beside her.
‘Hello’, she replied softly and put off her earphones.
‘Why are you sitting all alone here?’ I asked.
‘Because I love solitude.’ She answered tersely.
‘Seriously?’ I asked sarcastically.
‘Do you doubt me?’ She countered. I stood clueless and nodded negatively. A smile etched over her face evincing her front teeth. I loved her pearly teeth when she smiles especially the lateral incisors.

‘I found you different than others.’ I said as I sat next to her.
‘It’s your perception about me. Well, everyone is different in this world.’ She replied. I peered at her speculating her words. She was indeed different from others.
‘Don’t you agree?’ She asked trying to discern my views.
I remained quite again. There had not been any instances when I had disagreed.

Anonymous love (Part 2)


I was looking for the ‘Robbins’ in the college library as I needed to issue that (Pathology) book. I could have studied there but my practical exams were finally over and we all friends had been planning to watch movie , 2 o clock show since the beginning of the our mid term examinations. They had already headed to Ritz ( movie theatre at Shimla). So I decided to issue the book as quickly as possible and join them soon.
‘Robbbins… Southeast Asia edition.’ I was reciting the name while searching it amid the other pathology books. I couldn’t find the desired book and moved towards the reading section thinking someone might have left the book on table after reading it. As per my expectations, the reading section was nearly vacant except one girl. Just two tables away, I saw her, lost in her book. As usual the earphone were plugged in and she was penning down something from that bulky book. Probably few important facts, I guessed. But I couldn’t figure the book she was reading. I kept observing her. The way she was subtly penning down with her left hand, the way she was enjoying the music, her head oscillating rhythmically with the beats of the song. I hadn’t any idea about the music she likes and it was difficult for me to predict the song.
I wanted to talk to her, to know what she was reading, to know everything that was related to her directly or indirectly. And the only thing I knew was, I love her. Falling in love with her was something overwhelming that was beyond my limits and beliefs. Suddenly my phone buzzed with a ringtone of ‘The Reason’ song of music band – Hoobstank. She turned fatuously towards my side. I immediately cut the phone and peered at her.
‘Hi.’ I said with a fear in my voice. I was caught red handed, peeking at her.

‘Hello.’ She replied softly with a smile etched over her face. ‘How was your practical?’ She asked while putting down her earphone. The glow on her face was culminating like always and the semi-framed glasses added extra radiance to her beauty.
‘Not so bad that I had expected. Hope I will pass this time.’ I chuckled. I was always desperate to talk to her but the mid-term exams had gripped me to the books since last week. Somehow, I wanted to keep our evanescent conversion alive. After all, it is quite rare to get such opportunity to encounter your secret love in least expected places and time.

My phone buzzed again. It was one of the guy from my group. I knew they had reached Ritz. It was just ten minutes left for the show and they needed the confirmation about booking of the tickets. Albeit I was desperate to watch the movie, but I cut the call. Again.

‘You should have picked the call.’ She said while deciphering my response.
‘It was my friend. So I didn’t…’ I replied but before I could finish she interrupted.

‘Sometimes the calls are important.’ She said.
I remained quite. I didn’t have the courage to tell her she was more important at that moment.

Anonymous love (Part-1)

It’s hard to discern since when I started liking her. Probably one and half year back when I noticed her first time in college campus. She was the girl that I had always dreamt of. A girl with glasses and a beautiful smile etching over her face. But frankly speaking it was her sober demeanor that amazed me the most. She was quite different girl I had ever come upon. She seemed reclusive and indeed she is. She loves solitude and I could find her, lone with earphones plugged ad listening the soft music she likes. Sometimes she smiles in her own. I had rarely talked to her, probably twice or thrice during entire last year and meanwhile, eluding her off my mind. I considered her as a crush that was usually a common thing. But the situation began changing from last few months. All of a sudden my heart began craving for her. If I had even a slightest idea about it going to be happened someday, I would have somehow controlled my emotions. But with the passing time, the feelings kept soaring and I kept falling profoundly.

In last four to five months I have come across certain things about her and yes, she is quite different than I had earlier thought about her. She is far more innocent, flawless, influential and logical. As I recollect the past time when I had sudden encounters with her, my heart skips a beat. Those moments though evanescent one, are the most possessed moments I have and, the spots whether it be Lecture Theatre 1 or cafeteria or the hospital wards, are the sacred one. Falling in love with her is the best thing ever happened.

Her face keeps on hovering in my mind and her voice keep resonating in my ears and I found myself inebriated amidst her thoughts, everywhere. Her smile with the lips stretched, evincing her incisors is none less an analgesic, curing my pain. She has become a savior, an inspiration and reason to live an enthusiastic life filled with trust, love and respect. She is the one to who compel me to bow my head in admiration.


Unrequited Love

‘Why don’t you tell her truth?’ Kartik asked, when we were taking a case history of 72 years old patient in Male Surgery Ward- Unit:3. She was exactly four beds away, busy in collecting the blood sample of another patient. It was 11 am and I had to persuade Kartik to accompany me in pretext of helping me out while taking a case for today’s clinical class. I thought he was oblivion to the exact reason behind my escalating love for surgery.

‘Who? Truth? What are you talking about?’ I pretended to be oblivious. He cast a skeptical look but it seemed a disappointed one. Before I could react, he pointed towards her. A girl with the semi-framed glasses, who was now instructing the relative of patient about where to deposit the blood sample.

‘You know what I mean Akash. If you love her, why can’t you express your feeling? After all, falling in love isn’t a crime.’ He said. I looked at him and then peered at her. She was now moving towards Doctor Duty Room and probably preparing for Post Graduate entrance exam in that precious free time; I reckoned. Kartik nudged me, terminating my gaze at her amidst the presence of patients, nurses and seniors.

‘She is my senior.’ I replied. It was difficult to discern about the exact time when I fell in love with her. It wasn’t a sudden instinct but a gradual process that was progressive; consolidating with time. It was three years back when I saw her the first time in campus and despite knowing the truth, emotions kept on strengthening. Perhaps, there are certain things that you can’t control and no matter how hard you try, they remain intriguing.

‘I know. But, atleast talk to her. Have a healthy conversation. It’s now or never!’ Kartik persuaded and he was right. Her internship was about to finish in next ten days and then it would be impossible to encounter her again. I was smitten with her. The way she was and, her reclusive yet soft demeanor was incredibly unique & unquestionably admirable, and the smile etched over her face, evincing her lateral incisors added exceptional charisma to her beauty.

‘I know. But I won’t.’ I smiled at him. He shot ‘Then go to hell!’ looks. His disgust was genuine but he was too naïve to fathom things. I admit, I have profound love for her but it doesn’t mean to spend rest of life together, though, I had such sweet intentions. Sometimes, unrequited love is the only choice left…!